COVID-19 advice for early stage companies

I am sharing some advice from a contact of mine, who put it together for his early stage companies.

The key message is to plan for serious economic disruption on a 12 month + timeframe. This is not a short term problem.

The more companies are able to be creative and flexible in responding to the very difficult times to come, the better their chances.

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Brexit as Innovation

As the UK embarks on the complicated process of negotiating itself out of the EU, I found myself reflecting about the parallels with innovation.

Many R&D managers will recognise the feeling of being asked to achieve a complex multifaceted project with an apparently impossible timescale and distracting internal politics, while being under-resourced and under huge pressure to “just get on with it”.  Continue reading Brexit as Innovation

A post-Trumpian cautionary scenario

This is a fictional scenario, but everything described is a plausible possibility, particularly in the light of President Trump’s election in the USA.   It is not a prediction (the future is too unpredictable for that) but aims to stimulate creative thinking by policy makers, business and NGOs. Continue reading A post-Trumpian cautionary scenario

crisis creativity

As I write this, it’s been a rough month.

First an obscure Icelandic volcano grounded all European air travel. Then three young bankers were burnt to death by rioters in Athens, while Greece’s debt levels suddenly looked like bringing down the Euro. Finally a blowout in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico turned BP’s exploratory well into a financial and environmental nightmare. Continue reading crisis creativity