Creativity in times of uncertainty

Given the recent political turmoil, with Brexit, terrorist outrages and leadership elections all over the place,  it’s easy to feel unsettled.  This sense of unease can have knock-on consequences on our ability to be creative and come up with new ideas, even in the nominally separate world of R&D. Continue reading Creativity in times of uncertainty

Building a better Britain

The vote to leave the EU is disappointing, but it’s the clear democratic voice of the UK, so we’ll have to do it. The next few years are going to be a time of huge turmoil, and there will be major changes.

However it’s clear that for many, the vote is a cry of pain, rather than something that has been carefully thought through.   This means we need to look at how to ensure that Brexit is done in a way that addresses the root causes of the distress, rather than making it worse.

I believe that  those of us that care about peace, justice and a healthy environment  should urgently articulate an inspiring progressive vision for an independent Britain. Continue reading Building a better Britain

Storytelling for behaviour change

A few weeks ago, I found myself discussing the role of storytelling in behaviour change with Sarah Dillon, one of the lecturers in Cambridge University’s Department of English. As a “techie” by background, visiting the Department of English was new territory for me, and when I learnt that Sarah’s academic specialisation was in “poststructuralist philosophy” I wondered whether I was going to understand a word she said. Continue reading Storytelling for behaviour change