I develop and run workshops to help teams think creatively about strategically important and difficult issues. 

Clients include British Sugar, Durham and Chester-le-Street Primary Care Trust, General Motors and The British Technology Group.

These workshops use a variety of tools and techniques to encourage deep thinking and creativity, and are often extremely productive. The aims of workshops include topics such as

  • Bringing diverse teams together, sometimes in the face of internal politics, international misunderstandings, or very different working cultures and processes.
  • Helping teams think creatively about the longer term future (particularly low carbon issues) and its opportunities and challenges, despite internal processes designed to focus on the short term.
  • Uncovering and then dealing constructively and creatively with the “elephant in the room”: the unstated problem that no-one quite has the courage to raise.

Clients have told me

“The money we’ve spent bringing you in was the best money I’ve ever spent”

“Many thanks for the fantastic day – it was very enjoyable and raised some great ideas.”

“Many great things came from our work together”