I provide training, often at senior and managerial level. My most popular courses are “How to get your ideas adopted” and “Creative Thinking”. I also run bespoke courses.

Current courses include

How to get your ideas adopted. This is my most popular course, aimed at innovators, scientists and engineers and who want to improve their influencing skills. Clients incude Rolls Royce, Procter and Gamble,  ARM, Cambridge University, Bristol University and Chalmers University (Sweden)

One very creative participant told me  “This is the best course I have ever been on”

Creative Thinking. This workshop teaches creative tools and techniques, while addressing the real life challenges of the organisation. It is particularly effective as part of the process of developing a more creative organisational culture.  It has been used very successfully by a major County Council and a leading NHS Hospital Trust.

A senior level participant described it as  “Useful, thought provoking and practical”

Intellectual property: a guide for innovators.  This is a 90 minute sesssion covering the 5 key types of Intellectual property, and what innovators need to know about the differences, the opportunities, the dangers and the costs, illustrated with entertaining and thought provoking examples.  I currently run this as part of the MPhil at the Institute for Manufacturing

The course leader, said “You have the winning formula for this difficult topic”

Bespoke courses.   These range from a programme to help a leading medical devices company develop more useable devices, to a session run as part of the ecoliteracy course at Schumacher college