I provide consultancy services to help organisations change. This often focusses on developing a more innovative, confident culture, supported by more effective processes.

Clients include the NHS, a county council, a charity, a major food manufacturing PLC, a high tech PLC  and a major retailer.

My philosophy is to recognise that change is always hard, so I focus on celebrating success, rebuilding confidence in the aspects that work well, and stimulating productive change only in those small elements that have become disfunctional.

The process normally involves

  • a mapping exercise to understand the key issues and identify the levers for change
  • carefully targetted “interventions”, engaging the whole stakeholder group
  • training and confidence building.
  • mentoring for key leaders

Typical “interventions” include running a workshop to share the results of the mapping exercise, stimulate new insight and initiate the change process.  This might be complemented by training, or by initiating new processes or funding streams to overcome barriers in the innovation pipeline.

People, their perceptions and misperceptions are usually more important than processes, so my approach is based on the Appreciative System thinking approaches of Sir Geoffrey Vickers (my Grandfather) and the unfreezing techniques developed by the great organisational psychologist Edgar Schein

This approach is highly sucessful, so clients have told me

“Most impressive… There’s absolutely a positive change”

“Your report was like dynamite, but its been very good for me and my team”